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World Fit


Gold Medal Winner!

CA Governor’s Council Award for Outstanding Organization


Spokesperson – Kevin Sorbo


 Who We Are:

    A World Fit For Kids! (WFIT) is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)(3) non-profit provider of physical activity-based youth development programs and training that result in a triple bottom line for young people:obesity reduction, increased high school graduation rates, and work readiness / jobs. 

WFIT Mission:

Preparing young people for fit and fulfilling lives

WFIT Goals:

·     Develop youth leaders who become mentors to younger students and positive role models  and advocates in their own communities

·     Positively influence young people to become more physically active and make healthy lifestyle choices, resulting in a reduction of childhood obesity

·     Provide valuable life skills that encourage positive youth engagement, lead to high school graduation, and enhance work readiness


·  Physical Activity and Nutrition— Young people, especially those living in high crime and high poverty neighborhoods, often experience life as out of control. Through our programs they learn there are things they can control, beginning with their bodies. They then transfer that lesson to the rest of their lives. Taking charge of their health leads them to take charge of their education which, ultimately, leads to them to take control in other important areas. In short, students get the experience of making positive choices and getting positive results.

·   Mentoring— WFIT trains college and high school students to mentor and coach younger students through a variety of academic, enrichment, leadership, nutrition and physical activities. The older students gain leadership experience, the younger students get role models they can relate to and admire, and both lives are changed in the process.

·  Work Readiness & Jobs— Teens & college students acquire the knowledge, skills & experience to work effectively in after school programs, with any youth-serving agencies or with local business.

A World Fit For Kids! changes lives….

WFIT’s format of older kids teaching younger kids about fit behavior and making healthy choices, provides teens with the opportunity to learn marketable skills, gain valuable experience, and earn money while they transform their own lives and act as agents for change in their communities. We are training leaders and creating advocates who provide positive examples for their peers, families and neighbors.