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Mission Statement

The staff at Sal Castro Middle School is committed to fostering a safe, collaborative, and nurturing learning environment where students participate in a rigorous and relevant curriculum that promotes reflection. Within this environment, students will demonstrate grade level knowledge in reading, writing, math, and critical thinking, enabling them to succeed in high school and beyond, using the 21st Century skills learned and applied in all content areas, including collaboration, critical thinking, technology literacy, and productivity.
Vision Statement
Sal Castro Middle School is headed toward a STEAM curricular school. we strive to enhance instructional practices, including AVID strategies, to ensure quality education to all of our students. Castro students will have a strong sense of responsibility, respect, confidence, and be able to set clear goals and achieve them. Our students will be engaged learners who are honest, sensitive, and give back to their community. Our students will leave Castro knowing of the A-G requirements needed for high school graduation and apply the 21st century skills to be college and career ready.