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Summer is Here!

Summer is here! Congratulations Class of 2017! Now it's time to enjoy your summer. It's a perfect time to read books, go to the public library, join a local summer program to stay active.You could also join a local sports team. Have a fun summer, but most of all, stay safe! See you Tuesday August 15 at 8:00 am for the First Day of School. Remember to come in uniform (check the uniform policy if you have questions) and 6th graders will meet in the Auditorium.
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Congratulations Class of 2017!

Thursday June 8, 2017 at 3:00 pm we will be celebrating this big accomplishment together. We, the Sal Castro teachers and staff, are so very proud of you of your hard work, determination, and achievements this year. Congratulations Class of 2017 and we look forward to your High School Graduation in 4 years. Have a great summer!
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Career Day is on March 30th!

Students have taken a survey to get an idea of what their ideal career is. We will have guest speakers and students' research projects will be displayed. Parents and families are invited. We welcome volunteers for this event. Join us for Castro's First Annual Career Day March 30th!
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March Madness is here!

Students needing extra support can attend Saturday School for English and Math. If they received a low grade (D or F) in either or both of these classes, contact Ms. Ramos or Mr. Lares (213-241-4416) to verify attendance. Check the calendar for the dates and times.
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